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Strength, Courage, Hope, and Acceptance

Experience the story first hand that illustrates how the power of hope and the human spirit can shine through the darkness and overcome insurmountable odds.

Marie-Christine's story...

Motivates and inspires...even if you've lost hope.
Illustrates the importance of diversity and inclusion.
Proves the power of hope and the human spirit against all odds.

What audiences are saying...

The speaker's example is inspiring.  Thank you for your courage.
The compassion of the speaker was inspiring...
The wisdom to accept my past is liberating...
The enduring strength of the human spirit is amazing...
My husband and I are so moved and inspired by your story.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

Marie-Christine Williams

Survivor  -  Speaker  -  Author

Marie-Christine Williams is a Rwanda Massacre Survivor, Speaker, Author and Founder of MCW Hope for Life. Born into a family that had already survived the Holocaust, Marie had no idea that just 7 short years after she moved from her grandmother’s care to her father’s home in Rwanda that she too would be a part of the worst genocide in world history.

In 1994, at the age of 14 Marie-Christine survived the 100 Day Bloodbath in Kigali, Rwanda that took as many as 1 million innocent lives. It has taken over 20 surgeries and years of healing to recover from the trauma that she experienced.  Marie-Christine is a fighter! Her trauma doesn’t define her, but how she turned her pain into purpose is an extraordinary testament that empowers people around the world.

In 2014, Mrs. Williams began traveling locally and around the country sharing her story of triumph as a Keynote Speaker at universities, throughout the community and at private events.  In November she published her book The Dark Side of Human Nature.  Marie-Christine has been featured on the news and in written media numerous times to share her unique experience overcoming her unimaginable struggles during the Rwanda Massacre.

Since 2018 Mrs. Williams has been putting action to her compassion by starting a nonprofit organization called MCW Hope for Life.  She brings influencers and everyday people together to bring hope to the hurting locally and internationally. Children and adults join her in collecting money, clothes, and providing resources for the sick and dying children and their families.


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Booking For 2022 Live and Virtual Events Now!

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